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Staff Geologists

JeremyWireJeremy C. Wire

Certified Hydrogeologist; Engineering Geologist (CA); Registered Geotechnical Engineer (NV); and Professional Geologist (CA, UT)

President and Principal Hydrogeologist Jeremy Wire has worked extensively in the hydrogeology field since 1961. Mr. Wire has been honored by several Geological societies and organizations. The California Groundwater Association (CGA) established the Jeremy C. Wire Award to honor its Technical Members of Merit.



John K. Hofer

Certified Engineering Geologist (CA, OR); Professional Geologist (CA, AZ, OR)

Vice President and Principal Hydrogeologist John Hofer's responsibilities include overseeing all business operations. Mr. Hofer is a past President of the California Groundwater Association.


KeilAlbertKeil A. Albert

Professional Geologist (CA)

Keil Albert has worked for Geoconsultants since 1994. As Senior Geologist, Mr. Albert specializes in sedimentology and stratigraphy and is a key contact in field operations.


Certification Definitions

Professional Geologists specialize in such fields as engineering geology, environmental geology and hydrogeology, as well as locating and developing oil, gas and mineral deposits. Geologists conduct surface and underground investigations of the earth materials, history and structure of sites and provide interpretations of what they see.

Certified Engineering Geologists apply geologic principles to the safe development and grading of land, building of structures, search for ground-water resources, cleanup of underground contamination and repairing of geologic hazards. They investigate geologic constraints such as landslides, ground subsidence, earthquake faults and erosion and have special training in geology for working on civil engineering problems.

Certified Hydrogeologists evaluate the underground conditions of properties in a variety of ways to aid in finding out the engineering and environmental aspects of a project or site. They make evaluations for insurance companies following earthquakes and floods. They are also familiar with regulations pertaining to land use and repair that require permits from various governmental agencies. Certified Hydrogeologists apply geologic principles to the search for and cleanup of subsurface contamination and the discovery and development of ground-water resources. They complete Phase I, II and III environmental investigations. Certified Hydrogeologists evaluate the underground conditions at sites in a variety of ways to find out the environmental aspects of a project.