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Geoconsultants, Inc. assures the highest quality geologic consulting services through direct principal involvement in each project, promoting effective communication between the client and our firm. Our primary objective is providing comprehensive and economical services to locate and protect ground-water supplies.

Specialized Geological Surveying Services

Our areas of expertise include:

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Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company has completed projects to develop residential and commercial water supplies throughout the world. The firm's geologists have extensive experience in groundwater geology methods and have been providing expert professional services since 1976 to a variety of clients in the field of ground-water development and protection. For roughly the cost of drilling an exploratory test hole, we locate potential aquifers to depths of 2,500 feet. Download our brochure >>

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Geoconsultants is a proud member of the following organizations: American Association of Petroleum Geologists; American Society of Photogrammetry; American Water Works Association; Arizona Water Well Association; Association of Engineering Geologists; California Groundwater Association; Geological Society of America; Groundwater Resources Association; National Association of Geology Teachers; National Ground Water Association; Society of Exploration Geophysiscists; and the Water Education Foundation.